SwimFin makes learning to swim easier, quicker, and more fun!

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SwimFin is unique – it works for all strokes, for all ages, and abilities

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SwimFin is Swim Fun!

Why choose SwimFin?

SwimFin compensates for different abilities, providing as much support as the swimmer needs, yet giving confidence to even the most timid learner.

  • Works effectively for the four main swimming strokes
  • Worn on the back allowing arms free – one size fits all
  • Does not ‘tip’ the swimmer
  • Innovative design which provides as much buoyancy as the swimmer needs
  • Does not restrict the ability to move in the water and helps maintain a good position

SwimFin complies with international safety standards (EN71 and EN13138 – toys and swim aids), providing enough buoyancy to keep an adult afloat. And after it has done it’s job as a learning-aid, SwimFin will always find use as a fun water toy.

  • swimfin_finsCreated by a swimming instructor with decades of experience
  • Endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association – the ONLY aid to win their approval
  • Highly visible in a busy swimming pool
  • Provides feeling of independence and thus encouragement and motivation
  • Inspires imagination and play – for all ages, abilities and strokes (2yrs+)!